Which Programming Language is Best For Games

In the current century the games are very popular programs. If there is a child of 2 years or a kid of 6 to 10 years or even if there is an old man that is 40+ years of age. They love to play games. They play games offline with single player or online with multiplayer features. That means this is another way of enjoying life from the age of 2 years to 40+ years. 

If we think with the purpose of business, the gaming field is full of profit with handsome amounts. Because everyone likes to play video games. If they don’t have time to play any physical games like football, cricket, tennis or any other games. But they then like to play a video game to pass their time.

Now let’s move near to our topic. So if you want to start making video games. So that people would like your games and could play, and of course if they like your game then your game will get a large number of downloads. And this way you will turn your hardworking into profit.

If you are new to the game development field and are confused about what programming language to choose for game development. Now no need to worry. I shall describe each and everything here. Which programming language is best for games.

Here is the list of some of the best programming language for games:

  1. C++
  2. C#
  3. Java
  4. Python
  5. Objective C
  6. JavaScript
  7. HTML5


In our list the C++ is the first best programming language for game development. It is a very powerful language and has a big future in the game development industry. It’s Object Oriented approach makes game development a great experience. Some of the very famous gaming systems like PlayStation and XBOX are using C++ in their game development field. Due to its functionality to communicate with low level environments it is very powerful, fast and reliable. 

Whenever you play a world popular video game. You should research to see what language was used to develop that game. You will notice that most of the high end games in the world used the C++ programming language to develop their video games. Overall C++ is the best choice for you to start development.


Want some miracle? Yes you are on right side C# is like a miracle in the gaming industry. It is one of the best programming languages in industry. Due to it’s very convenient for developers and easy to learn features and a handsome and rich library, every developer prefers this language first. Also Unity 3D supports this language for game development, one of the most popular game engines in the gaming world. 

It is much easier to learn than the C++ language. You must start from C# if you still haven’t decided. And you will enjoy it very much, during game programming.


Java is one of the most famous programming languages in the world used for game development. It is very flexible and based on the OOP concept that was taken from C++. And it has a very bright future if you choose Java as a game development programming language. Its code runs via Virtual Machine (VM). Due to this feature it increases the portability of the development and frees it from the boundary of platform dependent. It means you can develop the game using Java for any platform which you like. And another big reason to choose Java as game development language is that Android also has a large number of games that are developed using Java programming language.


Python is one of the best programming languages available in the market for game development. It is very easy to learn but very powerful language. It is also based on OOP like the C++ and Java. It provides you with a very beautiful, neat and clean coding style through which you can easily write code and can develop your favorite game. It has many frameworks for game development due to which it is getting popular day by day. If you choose Python as a career. So it is the best choice for you to start.

Objective C

Objective C is also one of the great languages for IOS game development. This is mostly used for IOS systems to develop the games. It is a very powerful language. But the bad thing about this language is that it is not suitable for futuristic games. But it is still worth it if you learn it and want to play your role in the industry as a great developer.


Do you know? JavaScript is one of my favorite languages. And one great fact of JavaScript programming language is that 80% of the web world is covered by JavaScript. And it has 80% shares in the web. Sometimes when you login to Facebook and play the games with your friends. You must know that most of these games are developed by using JavaScript programming language. Due to web based language it also supports HTML and CSS. You can develop some great games by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Most of the time online games which you play are created by JavaScript that runs very smoothly and you enjoy them by playing. According to me, the need for JavaScript language in online web based game development is increasing day by day. So if you choose JavaScript language for your game development career, this will be the best choice of yours.


This markup language is used in every webpage of the world. But you must know that, the games that you play online in your daily routine, some of them are created by using HTML5 features combined with JavaScript. When you start developing a game using the HTML5 language you don’t need to learn special data structures & algorithms. And your game runs smoothly on the web. To run some of your graphics on the web, you need a WebGL component that renders some of your complex models and game components. So I prefer you to start developing your HML5 games from today.


There are many other popular programming languages for game development. But I have mentioned some of the best and my favorite languages for games. It is up to you what language is the best combination for your mind. So you should try more than one language when you start game development and when you find your best match language in which you are very comfortable. Then you should make your career in that programming language field.