In a Proper Webpage Which Tag Holds All Visible HTML?

I will start discussing the answer of the above question something like this.

If you are familiar with HTML language then you must have knowledge that all the visible content should be placed in the “body” tag.

It means all the things which show in our webpage are placed between the body tag. So it means all the tags are in body are responsible to show the content to the user and we can say that body tag is the tag which helps to show all webpage’s visible html content.

But there are other things which are visible in the html webpage but are not placed in the html content or any tag.

For example:

There are some background images which are shown in our webpage but they are kept or written in another css or style tag which is available in the document head tag. Also there are some pseudo elements which can hold the content that is not written in body tag but they show in the body or are visible to the user. For example “before” and “after” pseudo elements of the document are the examples.