idm integration module chrome web store

Internet download manager is a great web content downloading software. Which has made our live very easy and fast. Personally I love the Internet Download Manager very much. I am using this software from 2010, when first time I started using internet. The great thing about this software is that it downloads everything from internet which you want. And it tries to fetch all the speed which your internet connection can support.

But sometimes there are issues when you install the Internet download manager. The major issue is integration of IDM. In the past years the integration was very easy and people can even use the trial version and can crack that version and can use that already integrated extension for chrome. But in now a days the IDM is more advance and the integration of old version creates many issues. And if you didn’t integrated IDM correctly with your web browser, you cannot see the download option on any video which you are watching and the file which you are download from the internet.

Here are simple steps which I personally used to resolve this issue of integration. Please follow these steps and you will get rid of integration issue for IDM.

Step 1

If you purchased your Internet Download Manager then you need to update it first.

Step 2

If you don’t see the IDM integration module into your google chrome web browser extensions list. Then you can install it with the following steps.

Note: Please don’t use the IDM integration modules from Chrome web store. Because those are fake. There is no officially IDM extension available on chrome web store.

The IDM extension is hidden on Google Web Store, and it cannot be installed without Internet Download Manager. When you install the IDM then this extension will be installed automatically into your chrome web browser.

Let say if in any case, if IDM extension isn’t installed into your web browser you can use the direct link provided by the Internet Download Manager developers.

How can I configure IDM extension for Chrome?

If your idm extension not working or not installed. Then follow these steps:

idm integration module chrome web store
  1. Click on three dots on the top right corner of chrome web browser.
  2. From the menu click on “More Tools”.
  3. In the dropdown menu click on “Extensions”.
  4. Then from the installed extensions in your chrome web browser, find the IDM extension and Click on “Details” button.
  5. A new options will be opened which are shown bellow in the picture.
idm integration module chrome web store
  1. Click on first toggle button on top right side to “on” the IDM extension
  2. Then on the bottom right side there is another toggle button click on that. This will also allow IDM to work in the “Incognito” window of google chrome.

Congratulations you all done. And successfully Install IDM integration module to your chrome web browser.

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