How To Become Magento Developer 100% Genuine Guide

How To Become Magento Developer

This is a very great question. But there are many answers, but mostly are not great. Because to learn magento is not easier than learning the other ecommerce CMS like Opencart, Woocommerce or any other CMS.

Here I shall try to answer your question and will try to make you understand how you can become a magento developer.

Magento in My Point of View

how to become magento developer

I want to start by saying that 1.5 years ago I was only a simple front-end developer but now I am a magento frontend developer. And if you are a simple HTML, CSS and Javascript developer, then you can think how difficult it will be for me.

Yes it felt like it was difficult for me but until then I didn’t start working on a proper project.

How I Learned Magento 2

When I first joined the company where I am a magento frontend developer. I never thought I would have to work on magento kind CMS. I didn’t hear that there is a CMS that is specially used for ecommerce solutions.

So my team lead started assigning me the tasks related to magento 2.3.4. Yes of course he guided me about it during my probation period of the job. And then I started working my first task according to my senior team lead instructions. 

So I searched some times on google for a solution and i did it, but not in the proper good approach because I just wanted to give productive work.

So I was only one magento frontend developer in my team and 5 magento backend developers were dependent on me.

How I Started Creating My First Magento 2 Theme

So I started reading the official guideline of the magento devdocs but only I was reading this and it was impossible to understand magento 2 documentation from devdocs. Because it is very difficult and then my senior team lead made me understand that the flow works like this and this is the way to declare the theme.

So slowly I tried to understand the devdocs for frontend developers again.

And then I tried to follow the same as they gave the tutorials on their official docs steps. And I achieved how to declare the theme.

One best thing about magento is that we can redeclare and override their modules from core to our own theme.

But to understand this thing, it took so much practise and reading. Then I started working on the project to create the magento 2 theme and slowly slowly with the guide of my senior I designed my first theme in magento 2.

And that is still using that company to their project.

Here the most important thing I want to share with you is that there are many paid courses on the internet to learn magento but I recommend you to get into a real magento project and start doing it then you will learn automatically and much better than any tutorials or books.

This is what I did, and I achieved what I wanted.

And at the start I disheartened many times as you can think, because I was unable to understand the magento 2 and found many sources to learn magento watched many videos but for the first start I needed a little bit of direction to declaring my theme. 

So that starting direction gave me my senior team lead. This means in magento 2 the first start is needed from any proper video tutorial or from a real physical person like I did with the help of my senior team lead.


In the end I will only say that don’t waste money buying the books or any proper courses because they will not teach you those things which you will learn by keeping yourself on the pressure of project deadlines.

Of course those courses and videos will lead you and give you great knowledge of learning but those will cover your main concepts. But you know, in the market boss needs a solution and you need to give him/her.

First do it yourself and then to polish your skills and to make you professional then you can join live classes or watch tutorials or paid courses. Whatever you prefer better for you. 

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