How Long to Learn HTML and CSS

How long to learn html and CSS

how long does it take to learn html and css
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In your life all things don’t depend only on duration. It depends on your thinking and confidence. How much you want to learn or how much you want to get. Another thing that is the most important one is passion. If you have passion for something then I believe that you will learn that thing in very less time than all the things which you learn.

Now let’s talk about the programming field. Programming is very simple and easy, but if you don’t want to be a programmer then it is the world’s hardest thing you’ve ever seen in your life to learn.

It means first thing you should consider is that you must have passion or need to learn programming.

How long to learn HTML and CSS

how long does it take to learn html and css
how long to learn html – Image Credits:

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It depends on two questions:

  1. Are you new to programming?
  2. Are you an experienced developer in at least 1 programming language?

If you recently entered the programming field. And recently started learning programming due to any issues like you are not getting jobs in your fields and now the need felt that you need to become a programmer because you have heard that programming has good career opportunities. Or the 2nd scenario is that you have passion from childhood to be a programmer.

Then it will take some time to learn HTML and CSS languages. Here I want to tell you something that learning a programming language is different than learning a scripting language. And it has both different timeframes. This is what I have learned in my experience.

And HTML and CSS will not take long as the other programming languages like Java, C or PHP.

How long to learn html

How Long to Learn HTML
how long to learn html – Image Credits: Pixabay – Pexels

For new programmers to learn HTML language it will take an average 1 month to learn fully HTML. Why? Let’s explain it.

In the first week you know what is HTML and start learning the basics like what is Paragraph in HTML, what are headings in HTML, what are links and images tags etc. When you spend 1 week learning these things then you get the actual understanding and makes your mind rich to learn more about HTML. in 2nd week you start learning mixing more than one languages with one. Here comes the CSS language which you should now need to learn to make your HTML structure more good and improved design. You learn writing inline styles in an HTML tag, writing infile stylesheets in HTML or learn applying link tag to attach spread style sheets to your HTML document. Then you try some properties of CSS language, which work with HTML tags and get good results.

In the third week you start some advanced features of HTML5 like canvas, semantic tags, implementing APIs like Google Maps API etc.

And in this week, you create a sense of what tag you should use. Like should you use div or footer or you should use div or section tag or article.

And the last week which is the golden time. Here you start your first project to try out what you have learned in the whole 3 weeks journey.

Now you can say that you have become a HTML5 developer and can start working on projects to get experience to get a job in the market.

How Long Does it Take to Learn CSS

How Much Time it Takes to Learn CSS Language
how long to learn html – How long does it take to learn css- Image Credits: Pixabay – Pexels

Now Let’s answer your this question “how long does it take to learn css?”.

Hopefully you have learned the HTML5 language and started working on projects. But you must know that you cannot start working on your project without learning the CSS language. It is necessary to learn CSS to make your page good looking. In the whole world no webpage is created without HTML language. Almost every web page is a combination of CSS and HTML5.

If you did a good job in learning HTML5 then now you also learned how to write inline CSS using style attribute and also how to write infile style using style tag and also learned how to use a separate css stylesheet to write both codes separately to make your code nice and clean.

Now it depends on you how much properties of CSS you can learn and how much time you give to CSS3 to learn new features of this language.

According to my experience it takes a total 2 months to learn HTML + CSS.

In CSS language there are properties which you have to experience at the start. When you know many properties of CSS language then you should move to learning the latest features of CSS3 language. Like flexbox, some useful functions like calc.

The flexbox is a bit more complex that will take some time to be usual with. And the CSS3 transitions and transform properties are easy to learn but CSS3 animation is a bit complex by logic. Because you need to make some logic to implement your required CSS3 animations which you created by practice.

Because CSS3 animations are the greatest things in CSS3 when you work on actual projects in the market like creating image sliders or creating video lightboxes or any other buttons custom transitions.

When you covered 2 months basic journey of intermediate level. Now I suggest you create some complex projects. From my experience you should start creating clones of already existing websites. It will give you lots of knowledge and will polish your skills.

When you try to clone a website there are many animations and structures which are controlled by the JavaScript programming language.

You should try to create those effects and animations using CSS3 that will teach you many things which you cannot expect.

How Much Time Will it Take to Get Me a Job?

How Much Time Will it Take to Get Me a Job?
how long to learn html – Image Credits: Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels – how long does it take to learn html and css

Yes here is the last question which I want to answer. It depends on you that you will get a job or internship. If you worked hard and learned many things with the journey of learning. And also spent more 3 to 4 months getting experience by developing some complex projects. Yes it will definitely be worth it and you should get a job.

But one thing I should tell you is that to get a job it is not enough to learn only HTML and CSS. You must learn basic JavaScript after learning CSS3 and HTML5. Because every front-end developer that is hired, is mostly recommended that developer who also has knowledge of JavaScript. Because without JavaScript a front-end developer is like an unmarried person.


It is a truth that you cannot be professional without spending time that is called experience. So if you have time then you must get experience, if you have time then you must try. But don’t sit free. Learning is life whether you learn programming or any other lesson from your life. So HTML5 and CSS3 are easy to learn, not complex things. If you have 2 months then you will be a good front-end developer and with a plus touch of JavaScript will lead you to get hired as a front-end developer.

Start today instead of saying, I will learn tomorrow.