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Best Hosting for WordPress, Apps & Others

Best Hosting for WordPress is very important. If you are thinking of buying a new web hosting for your WordPress website, app or other types of shared hosting, this article is for you. 

I have used too many hosting services for me, my clients, apps, wordpress, websites, asp, php, in fact I have also used the hosting for different audiences. For example separate hosting for Indian audience, separate hosting for US audicane, separate hosting for International audience. I shall share all things with you about what I have experienced and learned from all of these types of hosting services, specially best hosting for wordpress. And this experience will give you a good result if you choose any of the hosting for your specific category of need.

First of all let’s talk about today’s most important topic for which I have written this article for you, Best Hosting for WordPress. What is the best hosting company for WordPress? As I told you I have used so many hosting services like Bigrock, Godaddy, Bluehost, Siteground and many others. 

1. Bluehost for WordPress Hosting

As you know Bluehost is a very big and known name for WordPress hosting. But I want to share one thing with you: Bluehost India and Bluehost US are specific different websites. They both have 2 different hosting centers. And they completely separately operate. Only Bluehost is the name. So if you are thinking of buying hosting for WordPress from Bluehost India? You need to avoid it totally from buying Bluehost India. Go for Bluehost US. If you have an international audience so you need to buy your WordPress hosting from Bluehost US. 

2. Siteground – Best Web Hosting for WordPress

If your audience is from India. I don’t recommend Bluehost US. Buy best hosting for wordpress from Siteground. Siteground is a company that gives you a very good speed. I am personally using this hosting service for my projects. And their technical support is also very good. Like I said that I have used many hosting services. But Siteground has a great technical support system. And its pricing is also almost similar to Bluehost. If you are thinking of buying hosting from Bluehost, Go for Siteground in India. 

Bluehost Acquired by ECG Group

I will not recommend Bluehost. Because Bluehost is acquired by ECG Group. ECG Group already purchased many hosting companies. Their main funda is that they purchase these companies in millions of dollars and then they earn billions from their clients. What they do, they lowers the support staff. They add many users on their shared servers. So basically ECG Group’s pure motive is to generate money from their clients. And for that they are making many affiliate programs. Like if I recommended one customer to their product that was for 5$ they give me 10$. Not 10% or 20% they give double. Why? Because they need to increase the number of customers. So that’s why the service goes bad. I recommend you to keep away from these types of ECG Group companies.

Winner for Best Hosting for WordPress is Siteground. If you need WordPress hosting for the US. Siteground also gives you an option to change the server. If you don’t want to use Siteground then the second option is Bluehost US. Bluehost India crappy website. Don’t go to Bluehost India.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

If you don’t have enough budget or you are a beginner. You don’t want to spend a lot of money buying costly hosting plans for wordpress. And you need consistent and Best Hosting for WordPress but at a cheap price, what are the best choices for such cheap hostings? What I have used in my experience. I can only recommend you only 2 websites. First website is Bigrock and the second is Godaddy. Bigrock is also owned by ECG Group, but I am using Bigrock for a long time, I agree they slowed their technical support. But you will not feel much problems in the hosting. If you need cheap hosting then Bigrock is the best option. My many files like websites and apps are still hosted by Bigrock. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go like Siteground. You can go to Bigrock or Godaddy. Godaddy is also a good option but my first priority is Bigrock and second is Godaddy. It’s up to you whatever suits you best according to your budget.

If your audicance is from India so you need to go to Bigrock and select India datacenter and if your audience is from US then select US datacenter. Both these websites will perform better in India if you want to host your website in India.

Hosting for Your Apps

Let’s say you have developed an app. You need to store its assets somewhere in cloud storage. You will need a database in the cloud to maintain its database. I don’t use firebase like apps because I already have a lot of hands-on in shared and dedicated hosting etc. So I usually store my apps data to the above mentioned hosting servers. So what is best for yours according to my experience? First server for your app hosting is Siteground that is on top of my best servers for app storage and hosting. It is cheap, not so costly. If you can afford it, then go for Siteground without any doubt. And you can also mention here your hosting server location. Like if you want your app hosting in a US datacenter you can select US data center, India or Singapore, Europe, etc. They have given you 4 options. You can select according to your needs. 

Second option for your app hosting in Bigrock. And I already told you above that I also purchased and used Bigrock for hosting and also used for app hosting and storing app data here.

AWS Hosting

If you have increased your level. You want a good hosting which will not go down on a high load. I recommend you Amazon Web Server S3. Go to AWS S3 and create a bucket there. Upload your assets there, like your image files, videos files, etc. In Amazon S3 there charges vary on your consumption like how many requests you are getting, how many downloads you are getting, etc. I am using their free plan. And they also gave me some data for 1 year and I also have some free credits for that. Still I am using their free plan. It’s not that expensive if you want your web server files don’t go down. If you are getting a huge hit and you are also earning money from that, I recommend AWS S3 is for you. It is best.

First comes AWS S3, second Siteground, third is Bigrock if you can’t afford.

Best hosting for PHP and ASP.NET

Again if your targeted audience is India. Then you can go to Bigrock or Godaddy. You will get value for money. If you have an international audience then you must go to Siteground. I will not recommend bluehost for this. Siteground will be best here.


Overall my best experience was with Siteground. Their technical support is very great. Only one disadvantage was that I couldn’t connect with them via Phone Call. They have many international phone numbers but I was unable to connect them. But their chat and ticket support is very good. When you chat with them you can understand and feel that your opponent has good technical knowledge. And if you have a very high amount of traffic then top of the list is Amazon Web Server. And be away from Bluehost India. That is a crappy website. Bluehost US is better than Bluehost India. And one tip is that  the websites that are newly established and they don’t have any reputation in the market. Please keep yourself away from these types of websites. All the above mentioned websites are good which I have described. And some others like A2 Hosting, Inmotion Hosting are also good websites according to my hosting experience.

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