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Best Code Editor for Developers in 2020

Best code editor is a key to getting your programming done without wasting extra time, in indentation or writing all the unnecessary tags manually instead of not having autocomplete or any other functionality into your code editor.

There are many code editors in the market. But we choose that best code editor on which we are easily and comfortable to use. And could get better hands-on on that code editor. Best hands-on means which code editor you could easily understand because before using any new code editor you need to learn how that works, what are the short keys of that code editor, how you can operate that code editor, etc. So that you could do the work of development in that best code editor.

Now is the 2020 and you have to complete many projects, you have to do a lot of study if you are a student. So you will need a best code editor for these types of work. So to see these needs. I have described some best code editors which will help you a lot and are the best code editors according to your needs and requirements.

Here the list of code editors which I have made is according to my own experience. If you search on the internet you could find a different list of best code editors with different sorts of positions. So according to my experience I have made the list of all best code editors.

1. Notepad ++

Notepad++ one of the best basic code editors. That is very neat and clean. The people who just started learning coding or development must use this editor as their first best code editor. This doesn’t have lots of functionalities but it is very easy to use. It is very easy to learn. And it has all those functionalities which a code editor should have. And this is not a multi platform editor. You can only use this code editor in Microsoft Windows and Linux. If you use Mac OS then this editor is not built for you. But if you are a Windows user so this might be the best code editor for you.

You can download Notepad++ from here.

2. Brackets Code Editor

Brackets is an open source code editor. And it has many unique features. It is specially designed for front-end web developers and designers. If you work on HTML, CSS or JavaScript. So this code editor could be the best choice for you. You will find a unique feature of live preview. Which you will not find in any other code editors. Live preview means which you will code that will be updated instantly and you will be able to see your every change in real time. It also has preprocessor support and it is also an inline editor as well. It has many benefits but there is one con or disadvantage of this editor, that it is a little slower then the other editors in the market. This is a JavaScript based code editor which is developed by using Electron framework. You can use this code editor in Mac OS, Windows or Linux.

You can download brackets from here.

3. Atom Code Editor

Mostly I use Atom code editor in my many projects. Atom basically was a github project. Which now Microsoft have taken over. Now Microsoft has the ownership of Atom. It is a very good editor. You can customize it according to your needs. And it was the project of github so it has an integrated feature of git. If you use git for version control, this code editor could be the best editor for you. If we talk about the features of Atom code editor. So it has many features which a basic editor should have. There are many official and third party packages available for Atom. You can customize Atom according to your programming language on which you are working. As I already said that I have also used this code editor into my many projects. And if you want to know all features about this editor and want to try out this editor. So you can visit their official website This editor is cross platform. That means you can use this editor on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It has a great file system and also has a find and replace feature that all editors have. So going to the official page of the editor you can find all the features related to that code editor.

4. Sublime Text

If I combine my learning and projects and make it 100%. So 70% to 80% I use Sublime Text. Because Sublime Text has many unique features which you will not find in any other editor.  It has two versions: first is the free version and second version is paid. If you use the free version you will get a popup every time after a few minutes for purchasing it. So if you are professional you must buy it. If you are a student you can use its free version. If we talk about its features. It has many unique features. Like it has a quick search that is very unique and better than the other code editors. Quickly you can find anything into your file. You can find file names or can create files. And you will find a minimap on the right side of this code editor. Which helps you to navigate quickly to jump on any part of the code into file. And you can also use the multicursor feature. This feature is also available in other code editors. But first was introduced in Sublime Text so I love this feature very much. It has a powerful api which is its package ecosystem. And we can also customize it according to our needs. And we can also switch projects instantly. It also has a split editing feature. Which helps you to split your screen into two files for editing purposes according to your needs.

5. Visual Studio Code

Before using Visual Studio Code. I used Sublime Text editor, sometimes I used Atom or normally small works I used Notepad++. But I realized Visual Studio Code is a great tool for development. And it is a Microsoft product. Most of the people don’t like this editor, due to the name of Microsoft. But if we talk about its packages, its customization and its functionality, it will be a very excellent code editor. If you have watched any video tutorial on YouTube. You will see that almost every expert developer or author uses Visual Studio Code. It supports all platforms like Linux, Windows or Mac OS. And it’s absolutely free. It comes with an integrated git feature. And no need to tell about its features. You can use it and you will know its best features. Its name is some kind of odd like “Visual Studio Code” but you can call it VS Code. And mostly all people call it VS Code. And it’s fully depends on you whatever you call it.


All the above mentioned code editors are great according to the work situations. But keep in mind that you cannot say that this editor is not good. Because sometimes you will need that editor which you think is bad for you. So overall the Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code is ranking top in the list because of its great features.

And I request you to all students or developers who are reading this article. They should download all these code editors and should use at least once. Because some of the code editors could be comfortable for me but the same code editor couldn’t be much comfortable for you. Or which is best suited for you that shouldn’t be for me. So that’s why I said early that if a code editor suits you then you will be able to do development work very fast and you will like that editor.

And I request you that you should not switch many editors again and again. If you like one editor you need to keep that editor. Customize and optimize that according to your needs. And use the plugins and third party tools as you can, so that you could do your work quickly. If you change the editor every time when you do a project or every month. This is not good for you because you will not be able to become an expert in one editor.

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