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Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus – Review + Download

Avast Business Pricing

Avast business antivirus pro plus comes with a lot of pro features that are full according to business perspective to secure your business data. It starts from $46.99 per year for 1 device and $70.49 for 2 years and if you buy for 3 years for 1 device it costs $98.68.

Avast Business Pro Installation and User interface

Avast business pro antivirus comes with a simple but very powerful interface, which is very easy to understand. When you open the avast antivirus software. A dashboard shows first with devices count on which this is installed, number of threats detected and a trend line of viruses or threats. This is only the detail which the dashboard contains.

On the device summary page of avast business antivirus pro, there are many details about the threats which are detected. In addition it also shows the date, time and name of threats found. This screen also shows the mode of the antivirus for detecting the threats. You can very easily add a new device on clicking the download button and then can download avast pro plus by choosing an installer package. Through which you can install this avast business pro plus by providing an email address to receive a download link. You will also get a feature in Avast business pro through which you can group your devices by using a settings template.

Avast business cloudcare is also a great business solution for cloud-based, endpoint security administration platforms that is free. It is faster, easier and delivers multiple layer protection for your customers. You can also try this for cloud-based security if you want to try something for free.

Avast SecureLine VPN also searched with the name avast vpn for firestick is a good software VPN that has good encryption, doesn’t keep logs. It also supports P2P torrenting but the downside is that it isn’t able to unblock Netflix. You can get all these features at $6.66 per month. You must try this if you need a great VPN in your business.

Avast antispam is also a key feature of Avast business antivirus pro plus. Which keeps you away from spamming which is very common nowadays.

Avast antivirus softonic

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